Visual aids for conservation awareness – Documentary Movies

Awareness among public including all age groups and gender are need of today. from primary to graduation including the professional courses have a compulsory subject and examination on environmental awareness. The subject specifically carries general explanation and understanding for students of all subject streams not just science. The reason is to create understanding about their role in making and sustaining the Earth as living place for long time. Understanding the consequences of their activities they can be self motivated to save nature and natural resources. Including awareness and understanding of environment and biodiversity in course is just one medium of knowledge and awareness dissemination, however it involves several medium for teaching the same.
For adult and children who are not much exposed to learning through books thematic audios and videos are playing important role. Nowadays numerous videos in the form of small movies and documentaries are available in shown in television channels like National Geography, Discovery, History, Doordarshan. But what percentage of viewers are watching these movies and even out of them what percentage of the viewers who watch them are able to assimilate the learning or message in action. It will be really difficult to provide definite statistics in this regard. Everyone likes to listen the visual narration (whether live or animated or visual effects) of natural and human activities bringing change in nearby locality. But how many of them start searching the activities affecting their locality negatively and initiate movement to reverse it. If this is not happening then definitely the message delivered through best documentary movie will be in vain.
It’s not the responsibility of just the movie makers but people also to make any movie successful. In my words it is almost similar to any successful leader. A leader who is capable of bringing change in society is considered powerful and successful, here role of his followers is also important who help to disseminate leader’s message among masses. Similarly like minded people who understand the importance and message delivered through a movie try to disseminate the message through movie among masses.
In schools and colleges as well as public libraries routine shows and discussion sessions should be organised. Instead of merely watching the movie at the end of the session opinion and discussion session should be organised. The topic of discussion should be the message and its relevance and implementation to the locality of movie watchers and how they are connected with the story instead of the discussion on making and editing of the movie. The movie makers of such documentaries are people with sound knowledge of these issues and they want to share their knowledge with common people. This is the reason these movies are available in You Tube and other open communication media rather than theatres where you have to pay to get entertained.
Watch and enjoy science and related documentaries but do try to assimilate the message if you really like them.

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