Hello ! Is anybody in?

Yes I am knocking at the burrows in grounds to just check if we have someone there to help us in helping ourselves. We all know that these burrows are occupied by microorganisms to insects as well as large reptiles which may be fearful for us but definitely important part of the ecosystem we live. They dig holes and survive under our feet helping in soil conditioning, improving water percolation, nutrient retention in soil and controlling the counts of several insects through prey and predation link of food webs. But how we are offering our regards and thanks to these creatures? Do we even realise what consequences we may have to face if they are not there?

By concreting the floor around our houses we turn many lives homeless. The same way human settlements are removed for urbanisation. But the difference here is in that case human encroachments are removed and in this case human encroach on land of our helper creatures. It not only reduces surface area to allow water infiltration but also reduce burrowing area for our helper reptiles and insects like mouse, snakes, ants, crickets, termites. Although these names appear harmful but their role in maintaining our surrounding is irreplaceable.

We must therefore leave some ground open and without adding any insecticides or pesticides so that we can share the land with other animals also which is their right. Definitely keeping concrete walkways, decorated houses and ensuring safety from the mini-fauna is important but an ant won’t bite unless you disturb it. Similarly follow the right for personal space for the insects too and enjoy yours being friendly with nature.


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